Frequency Oscillator with 200kHz to 3000 MHz
LVDS Output

Frequency Oscillator with 200kHz to 3000 MHz LVDS Output

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Frequency Oscillator with 200kHz to 3000MHz LVDS Output


You have always wanted an accurate, ultra low jitter, I2C programmable LVDS clock generator?

The frequency oscillator utilizes Silicon Laboratories’ Si564 Ultra Series advanced 4th generation DSPLL® technology to provide an ultra-low jitter (105 fs), low phase noise clock at any output frequency. The device is user-programmed via simple I2C commands to provide any frequency from 0.2 to 3000MHz with <1 ppb resolution and maintains exceptionally low jitter for both integer and fractional frequencies across its operating range. The frequency oscillator offers excellent reliability and frequency stability as well as guaranteed aging performance.

You can use the frequency oscillator as an I2C appliance to front end any microcomputer, e.g. the Arduino or the raspberry with frequency clock capabilities.

Configuring Output Frequency via I2C

The frequency oscillator contains a fixed frequency crystal and a frequency synthesis IC using Silicon Labs patented DSPLLTM technology, enclosed in a standard hermetically sealed crystal oscillator package. The crystal provides the reference frequency used by the DSPLL frequency synthesis IC. The output frequency of the frequency oscillator can be dynamically set via I2C register settings in the DSPLL frequency synthesis IC. DSPLL technology provides unmatched frequency flexibility with superior output jitter/ phase noise performance and part per trillion frequency accuracy.


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Based on your wishes and requirements, we will be happy to advise you on the configuration and programming of theSI569 I2C programmable CMOS clock generator or create customer-specific hardware and software solutions.

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