Our Philosophie

We are the professionals for your circuit design, electronic appliances and software development. We love what we do and have a passion for intelligent embedded devices.

What we can do for You

Best Practice

PCB Design & Assembly

Printed Circuit Boards

We develop multilayer printed circuit boards (PCB) using the Eagle Autodesk software. We create the parts lists and, on request, order the components from manufacturers and distributors. We make all preparations and board optimization for automated assembly. We carry out the automated assembly in cooperation with our partner Horelec, from prototypes to series production.

Embedded Devices

Intelligent Edge Solutions

We develop and manufacture intelligent embedded devices based on the AVR and Cortex processors. We program the corresponding embedded software in C/C ++ or Phyton. The embedded devices can feature highly intelligent chips for digital or analog signal processing, data conversion (ADC / DAC), sensors and actuators for IoT.

Analog signal processing

High End Audio DAC'S and HDMI

One of our core competencies is the development of high-precision analog circuits and the conversion of digital into analog signals. Based on our experience, we can, for example, develop high-end audio components that meet the highest demands on signal processing and sound. This includes surround-capable HDMI / I2S boards for the ultimate in music enjoyment.

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