With our passion for music and the finest, innovative technology, we make the Surround DAC of your dreams come true. The development of the GIVERNY Audiophil Surround DAC was inspired by the SACD "Dark Side of The Moon" and the dream of building a surround DAC that reproduces this music better than anything else. Designed for high end audio and highest music enjoyment. With it, whether stereo, surround 5.1 or 7.1, music is an authentic, spatial, overwhelming experience.

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Highest Possible Dynamic

Enjoy the explosiveness and razor sharpness of the Fender Stratocaster. Or the velvety fullness of the human voice. The dynamic of speech is approx. 50 dB, that of an orchestra approx. 70 dB. That of the human ear is 130 dB. Consequently, high quality audio must meet these requirements. To exceed the dynamics of the ear, the Giverny Surround DAC uses a monaural DAC architecture where DACs are parallelized minimizing the quantization noise to achieve a dynamic of 132dB. The excellent dynamic goes hand in hand with imperceptible ultralow total harmonic distortion: 0.0004% / 0.0015% (44.1 kHz / 192kHz). Far lower than any harmonic distortion that can be perceived by the human ear.

Superior Spatiality

The prerequisite for an excellent spatial reproduction of the music and the overtones is that the digital signals must be timed extremely precisely and free from jitter before they are converted into analog signals. That's why the Giverny DAC uses a high-performance jitter cleaner with an ultra low phase noise and extremely precisely oscillator using a dual PPL architecture to completely recondition the digital signal and keep it free from jitter. The result is a cleaned jitter under 1ps regardless of the digital source (the best digital audio chips have a jitter higher than 50ps). The Jitter cleaning takes place directly before converting the digital signal to avoid any signal quality degradation.

Excellent Sound Quality

Close your eyes and discover the difference in sound between two unadulterated violins. How? The analog section of the Giverny Suround DAC is built on a fully balanced, differential architecture with 4th-order linear analogue filter to reduce out-of-band noise. It is using one of the very best operational amplifiers available with outstanding dynamic audio performance: Ultralow noise (1.1 nV/√Hz at 1 kHz) and ultralow distortion (0.000015% at 1 kHz (-136db)) in order to be able to reproduce the music signal absolutely free of noise and without any distortion. Supported by the use of low-noise metal film precision resistors and high precision pulse-resistant polypropylene film capacitors.

Ultrapure Power Supply

Nothing, but nothing at all, should disturb the enjoyment of the most beautiful music. How? Industries best of class linear ultralow noise (0.8μVRMS - 10Hz to 100kHz) and ultralow ripple power supplies are independent tailored for all and each digital or analog application. Therefor feedback from one application cannot influence the performance of another, resulting in far lower distortion and noise. Ultrahigh ripple rejection (90dB at 1kHz) reliably eliminates interference from the power grid for ultra clean powering the digital and analog applications.

The GIVERNY Surround DAC can be scaled from 2 to 8 fully balanced and symmetrical channels (Stereo, Surround 5.1. or 7.1). No crosstalk and freedom from interactions between channels. Use of the very best operational amplifiers available with outstanding dynamic audio performance, low-noise metal thin film precision resistors and high precision pulse-resistant polypropylene film capacitors.

Best of class digital receiver chip technology for flexible support of digital music interface definitions and codecs (PCM 44.1-192kHz; DSD 64/128). All digital receivers are fully galvanic or digitally isolated to eliminate hum and noise. There is no mass connection to the digital music sources. Input ports: 4 HDMI, 2 Optical SPDIF, 2 Coax SPDIF, 1 USB and one I2S.


According to your wishes, we create your high definition audio dream device: Designed for the highest musical enjoyment. Whether stereo, surround 5.1 or surround 7.1, music becomes an authentic, overwhelming experience. Offers a fantastic, vitalizing sound with a unique spatiality. We look forward to hearing from you at office@Givernylabs.com

on request ONLY