High Definition Audio DAC – Single Channel I2S & I2C Appliance

Audiophil monaural, balanced DAC – fantastic, vitalizing sound with a unique spatiality

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High Definition Audio DAC Single Channel I2S & I2C Appliance


The Giverny High Definition Audio DAC Single Channel I2S & I2C Appliance is designed for the highest music enjoyment. It is built on a monaural, fully balanced architecture. With it, whether Stereo, Surround 5.1 and Surround 7.1, music is an authentic, overwhelming experience.

The Appliance can be connected to digital music sources via the I2S bus. And it is steered by the standard I2C bus for easy configuration.

All components, from the power supply up to the analog DAC output stages, have been implemented at the highest technical and most demanding level. Using a gold plated printed circuit 6-layer board for optimal powering and signal shielding. The result is a fantastic, vitalizing sound with a unique spatiality:

High dynamic monaural DAC Architecture

Fully balanced DAC circuits for highest dynamic, parallelized for lowest quantization noise (monaural) and improved tolerance to clock jitter, featuring the TI/Burr-Brown PCM1792A:

Superior Fully Balanced Analog Sound Quality

Industry leading analog technology to prepare the delicate analogue signal for transmission out of the device, making it less susceptible to noise and degradation:

Ultrapure Power Supplies

Industries best of class linear ultralow noise and ultralow ripple on board power supplies for all digital and analog sections resulting in far lower distortion and noise:

Digital Interface

Analog Interface



Based on your wishes and requirements, we will be happy to advise you on the configuration and programming of theSI569 I2C programmable CMOS clock generator or create customer-specific hardware and software solutions.

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